please read carefully in case you ordered a printed suit!


About digital printing

This technique is an open door for custom designs. It has the ability to print on the fabric without almost any color limitation, basicly in photo quality. It doesn't have an extra layer feel, the fibres organically become one with the tint. Altough embroiery has it's own perks, digital printing can overcome with no color and gradient limitations.

Apart from our wide fabric color pallette, you can select from our always growing premade patterns, or provide us graphics to print it on your suit. If you don't have a graphic, but you want to have a custom one, we can also do it with some extra fee, see details below.

How does it work?

The first option to select from our patterns in the coloring software. This case you have nothing extra to do, the original process applies. In case you have an own graphics, you can send it to us, and wait for comfirmation. Before sending, please make sure that the quality is print-ready, at least 200 dpi, because we want to avoid pixelated or blurry graphics. If you want us to design custom graphics, contact us with your ideas and we will get back to you with a quotation and design plan.


We are doing our best to achieve the highest possible printing quality. Although we have to mention, a printed color won't be exactly the same as a static dyed fabric by the manufacturer. For example the darkest color we can print won't be exactly as dark as our dyed black fabrics, there will be a little shade difference, visible for the sharp eyed people. We only print on white fabric, so if you want to have a custom design, you can leave the desired parts white to be printed.

Please choose your printed parts wisely, keeping in mind the above information.

Pattern matching

This is an important matter in the topic. It affects the custom design the most, but our patterns as well. Our suits are designed in 3 dimension on your body, which sometimes makes it difficult to match a continuous pattern on the parts of the suit. Our designers are trying their best to match the graphics, we will let you know if there is a risk of unmatching. The safest way is to think in modules. Also it can raise the designing time and fee if the print must be matched. Please keep these information in mind when you want to order a printed suit! Thank you for your understanding!

Washing & Care

Washing your printed suit needs special caring:
Please wash your suit in cold water first. Later on don't wash it with higher temperature than 30 °C! Don't let your suit stay in the water after the washing, and avoid ironing the printed parts directly.

Delivery time

Straight to the point: delivery time when ordering a printed suit can add 2 extra weeks to the leading time. After the graphics are prepared for printing, we send it to a 3rd party company we cooperate with. They guarantee 2 weeks as leading time, so please keep in mind that your printed suit will get ready a bit later. Also, if you want to rush order, we can only speed up our part of the process, the 2 weeks is excluded and being added to the leading time (altough we handle your order in higher priority). Custom desings need variable amount of graphic work, in this case the printing time is 2 weeks plus the graphic work. Thank you for your understanding!

Copyright Issues

To avoid copyright issues, please make sure that your desired graphics are not violating any copyrights. If we would notice any risk like this, we may keep the rights to refuse your graphics. Please keep this on mind, none of us want to get in trouble!


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