Return and Repair Policy

Please read carefully!

1. Returns

- If any product has been customized or made to measure they are strictly non-returnable for either a refund or exchange.

- Please note, your suit is always made by the measurements you provided.

- Any modification made to the product by the customer or third party will automatically void the warranty.

- The customer is responsible for all returns shipping costs (this includes any import duty for international customers)

- However, we understand that mistakes can happen, and we're committed to ensuring your satisfaction with your purchase.

- If your suit requires repair or modification, please follow the guidelines below to initiate a repair request.

2. Repairs

If you encounter any issues with your custom-made suit, such as stitching defects or alterations needed, we offer repair services. Please follow these steps to request a repair:

- Measurement Verification: Please provide full-body photographs, including front, back, and side views. Your face does not need to be included in the photos. Selfies, including mirror selfies, are not acceptable. Please ensure the photos are taken in a professional manner.

Take detailed pictures of you wearing your products and indicate all of the areas that require repair or modifications.

- Body Measurements: Additionally, please retake your body measurements on those areas where you have problems in order to ensure accuracy. Follow our measuring guide which can be found on our website.


- Contact Customer Service: Send all the measurements and pictures to our customer service team, who will open a case for your repair or modification request.

- Assessment: Please wait for our colleague to reply to your inquiry and follow all the instructions provided by them. Allow us at least 2 business days to reply to your requests.

- Return: Once our team had enough information and you were instructed by them, then you can send your suit back to us.

Any product sent to us without previous consultations would have an additional €150 charge due not following the return guidelines.

Due to hygiene reasons we only accept washed and cleaned garments. If we receive contaminated or dirty products then we will charge an additional €50.

- Charges: If the need for repair arises from inaccuracies in the measurements provided by you, there will be a charge for the repair service. The repair cost is €15/ hour.
However, if the issue is due to our mistake in manufacturing or sizing, there will be no charge for the repair.

- Shipping: The shipping costs for returning the product to us for repair and receiving it back will be your responsibility in any case. (this includes any import duty for international customers)

3. Quality Guarantee

While we strive for excellence in every suit we create, we acknowledge that mistakes can occur. If your suit requires repair due to manufacturing defects or errors on our part, we will rectify the issue at no additional cost to you.

4. Contact Us

If you have any questions or need assistance with a repair request, please contact our customer service team at

[email protected] or +36 20 488 4492.

We're here to ensure that your custom-made suit meets your expectations and requirements.


If you want to repair, go to the contact page. CONTACT